Dos and Don'ts

Every visitor to Myanmar being a Buddhist Country embracing with Therabardha Buddhism will have the most pleasant stay in Myanmar if one acquaint with some customs and beliefs of its' People.

Myanmar people are very genius, sympatric, kind and always keep the benevolent heart and loving kindness to the others due to the basic belief of Buddhism. One thing taught by the Buddha is to refrain from doing bad, and keep doing good always. Therefore, the people you meet everywhere is always happy to help others. When you feel like you need help, please do not hesitate to ask any people who are willing to give their hands. Thus giving some tips or money or some present can be shown as the gesture of your thanks to them who help you in any ways. But you must keep in mind that the willingness to help your need is the truly simple regardless of return from the others.

Respect to the Elder

Myanmar people are very polite, and always respect to the elders. There are five main categories to which Myanmar people humble pay respect. The first is the Buddha, Dhama, the teaching of Buddha, the second, Sanga, the disciples of Buddha or the member of Buddhist order, the third, Ami-Apha, the mother, and the father, and Ahsariya, the teacher is the fifth. One always pays respect to whom he or she is elder than oneself even older than at least a minute, an hour, a day or a year. You will see a small porch or a shelf at the head-level in the eastern part of every Myanmar Buddhist house where a small statue of Buddha made by wood or bronze is put up on a small throne. The people show their respect or gesture by paying homage to the venerable Buddha Image or offering flowers or light up a candle or fruits early morning or later in the evening.


Myanmar is one of the Buddhist countries in south East Asia, and the following cultural rules or social ethics are to be followed;

  • Foot wares including the socks are not allowed in the religious precincts such as Pagodas, temples, and monasteries. There is certain place or kept-places where one can leave their foot-wares without loosing during the time of studying or learning the religious monument. Because it is not the right way to hold the foot-wares all the way you visit in those place.
  • Myanmar dresses are very conservative, and keep avoiding of anything unsuitable in the public. One should not wear blouse or short-pants in the religious edifices or Buddhist monasteries.
  • Women are strictly prohibited to sit on higher level such as the roof of boat, or buses while the other elders or monks or nuns and men are sitting beneath.
  • Traditionally, the men do not shake hands with woman or a lady. It is rude to sit on a chair putting one's feet on the table, and never stretch up your feet to the direction of the elders, or monks or Buddha Image
  • We do not show our temper in the public whenever we feel aggravate. Because, the others can involve in your affairs. Use your two hands when you offer something or present to the elders and to the monks.
  • It is good greeting to someone by smiling. But we always bow our heads to greet the monks.