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Trekking Hidden Treasure { Inle - Katkku - Taunggyi Trekking }

Brief Itinerary

Duration : 2 Days/3 Nights (or) 3 Days/4 Nights
Availability : All year round


Details Itinerary

Day 1

(From Kalaw 6-7 hours) drive along snake like road, passing through; Myin-ma-hti, Tie-kyit, Sae-taung, Ye-oo, Bam-mouk, Pin-laung, Phae-khon, Moe-byae, Loikaw. Stop at Myin-ma-hti Cave, possible 5 days market, and visit some villages to watch the ethnic tribes, such as Intha, PaO, and Taungyoe. Lunch at local restaurant in Phae-khon. Then continued to Loikaw, and check-in hotel. Stroll up in the town for first visit, and dinner. Overnight at Min-ma-haw guest house.

way to loikaw
Way to Loikaw
be loo creek
Be Loo Creek
Day 2

Visit Thi-ri-min-ga-lar local market and watch the activities, then visit Buddhist monastery where orphans are under the care of Buddhist monks. Proceed to textile home industry of hand weaving centre. Afternoon visit Man khut Kayah village, to watch the traditional dressing Kayah woman. Proceed to Sun-bon village, about 3 kl from the city where the long neck women family dwelt. There are about 20 to 25 houses in that village, and lady about (45 yrs) are still having their traditional cloths, and consecutive bronze coils are still on their neck. Visit from house to house and taste the Local wine (called Khaung-yee). When the sun go down, visit Taung-gwe Pagoda built on two separated rock mountains, and watch the sunset and panorama.

padaung giraffe women
Padaung Giraffe Women
kayan familyKayan Famil
Day 3

After breakfast, drive to Phae-khon, and start the boat trip. Stop at Sa-ka village, and visit house to house to learn the people's daily life while our helper is cooking lunch. Aafter lunch continue to Nampan Inle by passing many villages. This boat trip may take 5 hours but stopping at a village at every two hours will easy our tiredness.

padaung giraffe womensPadaung Giraffe Womens padaung tribal housePadaung Tribal House
taung gwe pagodaTaung-Gwe Pagoda padaung villagerPadaung Villagers

Optionnal {If and only if we are allowed; (then we can add the following on day 3, and day 3 became 4)}

The following is the day trip we made in Loikaw, but it was beyond the scope of Tourists visit.

It was opened for few months for the tourists, but strictly forbidden later due the security situation.

dhi mor so local market
Dhi-mor-so Local Market
tribal house
Tribal House
Kam-yam (popularly called Padaung) is the most featured minority among the others due to their attractive long neck equipped with consecutive hollow bronze coils, and wearing silver rings on their legs.

It has also some sub generations;
1-Kam-Yan Ka Khui
2-Kam-Yan Ka Ngan
3-Kam-Yan Ka Khanwn
4-Kam-Yan La Hta
Some Padaungs are Buddhist, and some are animist, and very few Christians.

wood cutting and slicing
Wood Cutting and Slicing Process
padaung farmer
Padaung Farmer
Day 4

Drive to Dhi-mor-so, about 12 miles from Loikaw, and watch Dim or so local market if there is a market days. There one can taste the local wine (called khaung yee), and further 2 miles driving reach at Ngwe-taung dam, with the catchments Area of the dam is 22.15 square miles and many farmlands are being irrigated with the water from Ngwe Taung dam. It was the Lake Ngwe taung, where the Kayah legendary of Keinnary Dway-mae nor, Prince Thu-dha-nu were adopted. That legendary is still prevail in Kayah till present day. Untill today, we may see a beautiful Tapestry on which two flying of Kein-na-ri, Kein-na-rar with the back ground of Ngwe taung mountain is embroidered.

For an hour drive more, 10 miles from Ngwe-taung, there we reach to a point from where start trekking to Pan-pae (7 villages) padaung villages. The village is about 2 to 3 miles away from main road, and 4 wheel drive is accessible during dry season. At the top of each village, there is a stone column which is to mark the generation of their ethnicity. It is quite big village, and the inhabitants are farmers. Men get up early, and go into the forest and get fire-wood, and illegal cut teak wood for the commercial. Women of long neck equipped with consecutive bronze coil, silver-ware on their legs are working in the paddy field and cultivation ( during day time. There are about 40 to 50 houses in that village, and a small school for young children, let's say kinder garden. During the rainy season, rice is grown on mountain hill side keeping the technique of terrace cultivation. The villagers also collect the rain water in a big tank for the purpose of water supply during the dry season. We saw some illegal wood cutting and slicing at the top of village. The Padaung people in the villages were very welcoming the strangers (but off course, some ask large money to be taken their photo). Most of them are friendly, and we found their difficulty of rare water(draught land). We have learnt that the best time to visit Padaung village is from (25 March to 29 March), because it is the "Ka Do Poe" festival of Padaung tribes. It is the time the people made their wish of good watcher and good harvest for the next year.


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