Off beaten treks


chinwoman tatoosIn the western of Myanmar are several small towns still not easily accessible for general tourism. For the adventurous, however, such destination as Hakha, the capital of the Chin's built on mountain terraces and surrounded by magnificent pine forests or Tongzan, the cultural center of Chin tribes as well; 2704 meter high Mt.Kennedy near Teedeim may soon become accessible to traveler.

There is six days-five nights trekking adventure in Chin State to Mt.Victoria; not only to climb a 3,000 meter high mountain, but also to visit an area where people are still embracing with nature and tradition. Meet the ladies with a face full of tattoos which is a sign of beauty! Experience a way of life which has to be seen to be believed as it is totally different from everyday Myanmar life. Myanmar Tourism authorities control the influx of tourists so that this area will remain unspoiled and the people and tribes in this region can continue to live in their natural habitat.


mogokRoughly 200km north of Mandalay, was mainly occupied by the British to extract the world famous pigeon blood rubies during the Colonial period. Hand scratching, water pumping, tunnel mines are the activities of this small 1000 meter around town. You will be hassled, bustled by the broker to select their worthy ruby at the Mogoke Opened Air Market.



sittway portSittway, the capital of Rakhine State situated at south West of Myanmar on the Rakhine Coast. It has a long coasting bordering on the Bay of Bengal sharing with Bangladesh. There is a view point to have fresh air breathing, and enjoy the sunset. The Cultural and traditional heritages of colorful Rakhine races are kept at Museum. It is also the gate way to Mauk U, an ancient city of Rakhine Kings almost contemporary to Bagan period twelve centaury.




tachilekThe small border town in the eastern part of Myanmar is one of the most importants for Myanmar people to day return working in Mae Sai (Northern Thailand). For the clients having border pass visa who have not enough time to visit main land of Myanmar should come to Tachileik from Thailand and explore the ethnic minorities such as Shan, Kachin, and Wa tribals.



kyaingtonKyaington (formally Keng tong) is one of the most scenic towns in Shan state, special place for Hill tribe lovers. You can fly from Heho or Yangon as well as border-pass from Maisai (Thainland). You will explore many tribal people, and ethnic minorities at their local market or at the village. Tribal people nearby villages are Akha, Akhi, Lahu, Wa, Ann, Lahu, Lisu living with traditional and cultural style.




lashioThe mountainous regions around Lashio, an important trading center, can be reached by train or road from Mandalay. Just imagine a train-ride on shaking Goeteik Viaduct without any support pile in the middle connecting the two tops of mountains. Attractions here include beautiful scenery and hot springs, as well as the local market where you will study the daily life of the people nearby.



On the road to Lashio, Kyaukme and Hispaw are neighboring towns in the Northeren Shan State. Taking train from Mandalay or Pyinoolwin will have to pass over the shaking Gonteik Viaduct, Picturesque and unique styles of Shan and Burmese architecture. The Bawgyo Pagoda, Aungzedhi Monastery, Old villa of Prince Hsipaw and the town markets are popular sites to visit. Trekking to Palaung(Golden Paluang), and Shan Villages attract the Nature and Culture lovers.


loikawLoikaw is the capital of Ka-yah state, and the town itself is located on both side of Be-loo chaung, (Be-loo creek). Therefore have to see many bridges building across the town. The population estimate 12,000. It is located near the State's northern tip, at an elevation of 1,200 meters. The inhabitants are mostly Kayah (Karenni or Red Karan). Myanmar's largest hydropower plant built (by the Japanese as war reparation) is located 20 km east of Loikaw at Lawpita Falls. Kayah State has a primarily extraction-based economy. The main crop is rice, mostly irrigated, with other important crops including millet, maize, sesame, groundnut, garlic, and vegetables. Mineral products include alabaster, tin, and tungsten. Valuable woods such as teak and pine were once produced, but the forests have largely been stripped bare by illegal logging. The hydroelectric power plant at Lawpita Falls outside of Loikaw is of strategic importance, as it supplies over 20% of Myanmar's total electrical power.


phaanThe capital of the Karen state surrounded by beautiful limestone rock formations with cave entrances in which Buddha Images are adorned on the wall. Some of those cave are said to have been there for over thousands years. Day trekking to many traditional Karen villages and boat trip for 1 or 2 hours along Thanlwin (Salween) river is the most fascinating experience.



mawlamyineThe Capital of Mon State scramble with old and new houses, viewing with beautiful scene the hill top is the last destination of Myanmar Railway. It is located on the bank of Thanlwin (Salween) River 270 Km south east of Yangon. Taking ferry boat for an hour from Moattama will be pleasant voyage for visitors. A hilly ridge above the city offers panoramic views over the harbor and the beautiful countryside. The ridge is topped with monasteries and shrines. Walk along Strand Road for a glimpse of the impressive Kaladan Mosque, built during the colonial era where the old Indians settle to work for the British in Mawlamyine(formally Moulmein). It was the capital of British Burma, after the first Anglo-Burmese War 1287 AD.

BILU ISLAND (Ogre Island)

belukyunportA visit to one of the little home industries producing pipes for smoking should not be missed and maybe you meet a fisherman who can dive for a long, long time under water - it is said that they have fins...You will arrive at the south of the island at Ywa Lut and cross the island by pick-up truck, departing at the north of the island in Chaungsone. Unfortunately there's not enough time to see all the 64 villages on that island!



Picturesquely located at the river bank of the Ataran River, this small town is easily reached because of its quite good road condition-the roads are sealed! Flanked by toddy palms and rubber plantations, the road passes through eight villages before ending in Kyaikmayaw, Built by Queen Shinsawbu in 1455.

Marco polo described "one of the finest sights in the world" now visitors to Myanmar can view the unique and enchanting view of the 11th century ruin as it has never been seen before. Imagine floating over thousands year old pagodas and the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River, as the sun sinks slowly behind distant mountains. Stroll around the charming town with its simple Myanmar wooden houses, some covered with palm leaves, others with metal.


mudonreclinningMudone, a small town noted for its hand weaving cottage industry is on the way to Mawlamyaing and Thanbyuzayat. The surroundings fraught with green and fresh Rubber tress are a place to study the traditions of Mon people. The gigantic reclining Buddha Image under construction will be known as the world largest reclining Buddha Image.





thanphyuzayatThanbyuZayat, 35km south of Mawlamyaing was the base camp of thousands of Allied Asians and Local prisoners never returned to their home for the construction of in-completed Western terminus of Burma-Siam Railway (The Death Railway) in 1945 AD. There is a War-Commentary with the thousands of graves of which is the memory of allied soldiers who scarified their life during the World War II.



kyaikkhamiFamous for its Ye-Le-Pha-Ya (Island Pagoda) situated in the sea not far from the coast. This pagoda is always filled with local pilgrims, and short bumpy drive from Thanbyuzayat. You will not forget the long walk on un-seeing pagoda platform flooded with water under the long roof during the tide up time.

Marco polo described "one of the finest sights in the world" now visitors to Myanmar can view the unique and enchanting view of the 11th century ruin as it has never been seen before. Imagine floating over thousands year old pagodas and the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River, as the sun sinks slowly behind distant mountains.


setseUn-touched beach line up with coconut trees is a short drive from Kyaikkhami. Snorkeling and breathing fresh air, lying down on the silvery sand watching the life of the fisherman along the sea coach.




myeikThe Myeik (Formally Mergui) situated on the southern part of Myanmar surrounded by over 804 islands nearby is the gate way for archipelago. Many valuable tin mines, oil palm plantations, rubber plantations and evergreen forest make it environ marvelous. The Pearl breading and fishing sites grab the eyes of visitors. Pearl Island is the source of high quality pearls, and fishing is the traditional business along the coastal line of Adman Sea.




kawthaungVictoria Point in the far-south of the Country, the border pass to Ranaung (Thailand) is the gate way for Both Courtiers Myanmar and Thailand. A bustling little harbor with a rather special atmosphere is always busy with big, and small boats. Visit the Local market, and try the Burmese beer and cigars is unforgetable. A beautiful pagoda and a Buddhist monastery is on the hill, just outside town.