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We, Myanmar Typical Exploration Tours are truly different type of Local owned Travel Agency, and have being pacifically organizing the different kinds of tours and trips not only you to have rare experience, but also to study our Land and its people on the basic of Nature and Culture. For your easy taste, we have the following categorized links;

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Myanmar formally known as Burma is the most exotic Country you have ever visited. Your experience of Myanmar Travel, Myanmar Vacation, or Myanmar Tour will be totally different from the other Countries. The reason is that Myanmar is the only Country in which over 135 different minorities or ethnic tribes with their own dialect, custom and tradition dwelt on their respective region. Some are Buddhists, some are still animists, and some are Christians.

Recently Myanmar has been defined or approved as the origin of human being. The groups of scientists from the United States, France and Japan have made research trips to this area with the cooperation of the Office of the Strategic Studies of the Ministry of Defense and geologists of various Universities of the Ministry of Education and discovered substantial fossilized remains not only of the Anthropoid Primate but also of some wild fauna and flora. After laboratory tests and analysis of their finds and scientific discussions at international forum, a consensus has been reached that "Pondaung anthropoid primate fossils are 40 million years older than their Egyptian counterparts which , were once considered the oldest".